SculptGL is a web sculpting application, powered by WebGL and JavaScript.
The source code can be found on github here.

Shortcuts and controls

Camera controls should be fairly similar to zbrush. You control the camera when you click on the canvas or with right click.
The Ctrl key is generally assigned to the masking tool.
The '~' character means "while pressed".




Miscellaneous :

URL options

You can add some options in the url to configure the preferences :

Boolean are specified with true/false or 1/0.
Example :

Extra information

SculptGL is available on the chrome web store.

If you want a standalone version, it's here (nodejs version, so same performance as the web version).
Also, keep in mind that I often update the web version (unlike the standalone version).

For the old SculptGL version you can play with it here.
You can visit the old branch on the github page.